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How To Solve Problems with Keyboard Lag in Windows

It's time to try to address an issue that has gone ignored for too long.

What You Need To Know About Data Deduplication

Break out those calculators, it's time to do some math!

At What Point is it Safe to Dispose of Obsolete Technology?

One of the pressing questions that I have been dealing with lately is that of when it is truly safe to dispose of outdated technology.

Ten Years with Microsoft 365, Part 2: Adoption Costs

Looking back at the time, sanity and money I saved by switching to Microsoft's cloud platform.

Ten Years with Microsoft 365, Part 1: Making the Switch

Was giving up the control of my self-hosted email worth it to hand Microsoft over the keys completely?


Is IT Automation Unethical?

Here's an interesting thought experiment in an age of automation and remote work.

Settling a Stupid Bet: Can a Hyper-V VM Read a Floppy Disk?

While there's no real reason why you would need to read a floppy disk, that shouldn't stop us from seeing if we can do it!

Getting Rid of Windows 11 Notifications, Tips and Suggestions

Sick of getting bugged every few minutes? make it stop. For good.

What Next-Generation VR Headsets Need Now

Upping the resolution is only one step in making VR headsets feel more natural to use.

Backing Up a Windows 11 PC

While third-party tools are usually the way to go, let's take a look how to back up your Windows system using the baked in resources.

Is VR Addiction a Thing?

It might not be a virtual reality problem, but an unhealthy relationship with specific apps.

Recovering Data When No Backups Exist

While it may seem like your data is gone for good, not all hope is lost.

Colorful Night IMage

Why Teams Connect Changes Everything

Collaborating with others outside your organization will be less burdensome and more secure.

Microsoft Teams' Upcoming Lockbox Feature Is Big News

The new security benefits will be much appreciated for us who live in Microsoft's communication platform more and more these days.

Will the Metaverse Be Successful?

That answer might lie in examining a tech fad that has come and gone: 3D TVs.